Metrix GX5000-MoD 50 MHz Programmable Pulse Generator

Metrix GX5000-MoD 50 MHz Programmable Pulse Generator

Accessories: Soft Case + Operating Manual + Certification form + Aluminum rear spacers + Spare Fuse + EU Supply Cable


The GX5000 is a high performance programmable pulse generator.

The instrument generates pulses with a repetition rate to 50MHz, width from lOns, variable delay, variable transition times and amplitude. The pulses can be output in continuous, triggered, gated or burst mode with an internal or external trigger signal.

The GX5000 can be remotely operated via the IEEE488 interface bus and is SCPI compatible.


Single                                           – One pulse at each selected period up to 50MHz repetition


Double                                         – One pair of pulses at each period up to 25MHz repetition

rate. Both pulses have the same selected width; the position of the second pulse set by the delay control.


ContinuousOutput continuous at programmed period rate.
TriggeredOutput quiescent until triggered by an internal, external, GPIB or manual trigger, then generates one cycle at programmed period rate.
GatedSame as triggered mode except pulses are output for the duration of the gated signal. The last cycle started is completed.
BurstSame as triggered mode for programmed number of cycles from 2 to 999,999 as set by the N-BURST function.
External WidthTrigger duration and rate sets pulse width and repetition.


Range20 ns to 10 s (50MHz to 0.1 Hz repetition rate).
ResolutionUp to 6 digits limited to 0.1ns.
Accuracy±(1% of setting +lns)
Jitter<0.1% of setting +50ps on fastest range, decreasing to 0.01% on slowest range.
WIDTHRange10ns to 9.99999s limited by 8ns off time.
ResolutionUp to 6 digits limited to 0. Ins.
Accuracy±(2% of setting +2ns)
Jitter< 0.1% of setting +50ps, decreasing to 0.005% on slowest range.
DELAYRange0ns to 9.99999s limited by the pulse width and 8ns off time.
ResolutionUp to 6 digits limited to 0. Ins.
Accuracy±(2% of setting +2ns)
Jitter< 0.1% of setting +50ps, decreasing to 0.005% on slowest range.


Range– 1 to 99%.
Resolution3 digits (0.1%).
Accuracy:Limited by width and pulse accuracy.
OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICSAMPLITUDEHigh Level Range-9.50V to +10V into 50 ohms load (-19.00V to +20V into open circuit).
Low Level Range-10V to +9.50V into 50 ohms load (-20V to +19.00V into open circuit).
Amplitude Range0.5V to 10V p-p into 50 ohms load (20V p-p max into open circuit).
Resolution3 digits limited to lOmV.
Accuracy±(1% of level setting +2% of p-p amplitude +50mV) into 50 ohms load.
Aberrations<5% + 50mV into 50 ohms load, for pulse levels between ±5V.
Output Resistance50 ohms +2.5 ohms.
TRANSITION TIMES Range<5ns to 10ms variable. Leading and trailing edges settable separately and limited to 20:1 ratio between settings into one of the following ranges: 5ns-100ns; 50ns-1.0us; 500ns-10us; 5.0us-100us; 50us-1.0ms; 500us-10ms.
Resolution3 digits limited to 0.1ns.
Accuracy±(5% of setting +2ns) [5ns maximum when set to 5ns]
Linearity<5% deviation from a straight line between 10% and 90% points.
Range100ns to 1000s.
Resolution4 digits limited to 100ns.
Accuracy– ±(0.01% +lns)
Jitter<0.1% of setting +5 Ops.
INPUT AND OUTPUT TRIGGER INPUT Sensitivity150mVp-p minimum.
Minimum Width10ns.
Maximum Rate– 50MHz.
Input Impedance– 1 MQ ±5%.
Input Protection+15V DC plus peak AC.
RangeSelectable from -9.99V to +9.99V.
Resolution3 digits limited to lOmV.
Accuracy±(5% of setting +25mV)
Slope SelectionPositive or Negative.

A TTL level pulse at the programmed period. Output impedance is 50 ohms, protected against short circuit and up to +15V accidental input. The high level is >2V into 50 ohms and with 3.5ns typical transition times.


IEEE-488.2 and SCPI compatible.

0-30 front panel selected.

SHI, AH1, T6, L4, SRI, RL1, PPO, DC1,DT1, CO, E2.


MemoryNon volatile, stores up to 99 complete panel settings. Last user setup also retained at power down.
Power Requirements92-128V, 186-256V switch selectable, 48-66 Hz, 130VA maximum.
DimensionsHeight 8.9cm (3.5 in); Width 21.3 cm (5.25 in); Length 45.7cm (18 in).
Weight5.5kg Net.
Regulatory StandardsEN 61010-1, Installation Category II, Pollution Degree 2.
Operating Temperature– 0°C to +50°C.
Storage Temperature– -20°C to +60°C.
Humidity– 95% RH at 0°C to 30°C, 75% RH to 40°C, 45% RH to 50°C.
Accessories19″ rack mount kit.